30 minute online ZOOM classes so we can practice yoga together, even as we are in our own homes, during this challenging time.

Daily Break Yoga Retreats


Reflections on the practice of yoga in daily life.


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Daily practice guides, apparel, and free audio recordings of yoga practices.

Our story

Daily Bread Yoga is an interfaith community of people who practice yoga together.  Classes & retreats are held in collaboration with local faith communities who provide hospitality in their buildings to advocate for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the whole community.

Daily Bread Yoga was founded by Rachel Bass-Guennewig in 2010 after experiencing relief and rejuvenation, physically, mentally and spiritually, through her practice of yoga.

You are always welcome,

just as you are.

Daily Bread Yoga offers yoga for every body; Gentler, Vigorous, Chairish, and Beginner’s. Rachel is well-trained in Adaptive Yoga practices and will modify poses to meet you where you are at today, whether that is for more challenge or easing through chronic pain.

The Daily Bread Yoga Experience

Regardless of your pronoun or the pronoun of the one you love,
we are glad to practice yoga with you.

From the Blog

Feeling a Shift in Your Force/Wednesday WorkIN

The problem with seeing the regular way… is that sight naturally prefers outer appearances. It attends to the surface of things, which makes it an …

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Wednesday WorkIn – Notice & Respond Appropriately

When the unconscious is not made conscious it is perceived as fate. Carl Jung When I first started doing yoga I realized that I had …

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WedUrsday WorkIn – Moving Thru Stuck-BLM

I know I said I was going to do the WorkIn every Wednesday and now it is Thursday. I met a friend for a holy …

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Wednesday WorkIN – 2 truths & a lie

Play 2 truths and a lie with the current theme of the pity party you are throwing!

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Wednesday WorkIN w/trees.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post (have you read it yet? do that first) about doing this very practice several years ago. So, I’m doing it today.

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The Rings of My Tree.

Years ago at a retreat I used this drawing of a cross-section of a tree as a model for looking at our life stories. We were at a beautiful lodge in the mountains of Colorado, Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp, surrounded by forests that had been affected by all kinds of weather, infestation, and humanity over the years

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