Month: March 2013

a true poem

The other day I wrote about struggling with my yoga practice & my prayer practice and the combination there of.   And that this is the very topic of the next retreat on March 23rd; prayer.  Today I rediscovered a great poem that I can really relate to these days.  I thought you might enjoy too.  …

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I try to write a post once a week that relates to the monthly topic of the retreat.  This month’s retreat topic is prayer.  The retreat is next weekend and I haven’t written a single post on prayer.   Ya know why?  Because I am not feeling it. In preparation for the retreat I have been …

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A bucket of should.

Imagine walking from a well-lit room into a dark one.  Imagine the darkness as a visual expression of silence.  My rehabilitation made a mistake with the silence by focusing on the absence of light.  It too quickly accepted the loss and taught me to willfully strike out against the darkness.  It told me to move …

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